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Dedicated Charity Wallet

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5% Redistribution Rewards 

Piggy Bank

5% Automatic Liquidity 


Automatic Burn Function


Charity Wallet

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We have a dedicated charity wallet that receives a portion of every transaction. This enables BitFall to give back to strugglingcommunities

around the world.


Piggy Bank

5% of every transaction gets redistributed to all holders of BitFall. This means you earn more $BTL by just holding BitFall in your wallet. 

Auto LP


5% of every transaction goes towards Auto Generating Liquidity. This provides stability to the price of BitFall. LP Tokens are locked for a year.

Auto Burns


A burn wallet receives a portion of the rewards automatically from every transaction. These tokens are taken out of circulation so BitFall becomes more valuable over time


Tokenomics Explained

BitFall has a total supply of 21 Million tokens, just like Bitcoin, However, it is a token that both DEFLATES and REWARDS its token holders meaning the longer BitFall is in existence the scarcer the token becomes and the longer you hold BitFall the more rewards you receive.

Every transaction charges 5% that gets redistributed to its token holders. This is Bitfalls reward to you for supporting us

On day one, 20% of the BitFalls Circulating Supply will be leaving only 17.8million BitFall tokens. That means when rewards are redistributed a portion of the rewards is sent to the burn wallet. This burn rate will start at 1% and increase over time as the burn wallet gets a higher percentage of the supply. When the burn rate exceeds the rewards rate, burns will be intermittently paused to balance out rewards.


There will also be a dedicated charity wallet that maintains 2% of the supply and every month the excess reward tokens are sent to a charity of the communities' choice. This wallet is initially funded by the founders of BitFall as our promise of giving back.

A dev wallet contains 2% of the supply, bought during the presale which will be used to develop future BitFall products. The team did not receive any tokens for free.